GMG does not resort to using hype or exaggeration in its business approach to customers. GMG guides traders and walks them through the process to help them understand how to become more proficient in the market. The company’s mission statement is to become an industry leader in providing invaluable and cutting-edge information on the FOREX market and financial literacy.



Dimitri provides live training by calling daily trades to his members based his incisive market insights and risk management strategies.
You can take advantage of these calls by simply clicking a button on your smartphone. This feature is provided daily which increases the number of opportunities you have to watch Dimitri in action.

Our Facebook community allows you to interconnect with active and experience traders right from the comfort of your home. You will find comfort in knowing that there are people who are just like you from all walks of life learning how to trade the Forex market. Our Facebook group is a warm welcoming environment for beginner and advanced traders.

The 5 day Program and the Advanced Course are one of the best features of the Gold Minds Global platform. You’ll be able to interact with Dimitri via Zoom and absorb his knowledge of the Forex market.   This will give you a better understanding of how the market works. His 5-day course has helped many beginner and intermediate students who have seen successful results.


GMG ultimately hopes to one day change the educational system with a dynamic, interactive platform that will spread financial literacy across the world. You see, GMG is more than just a trading group, it is a productive mindset.  Someone once said the only thing unique about man is his mind, the rest you can find in a pig and a horse. This mindset liberates average people to reach for the lifestyles they really want for themselves and their families. While GMG does not ensure you of exorbitant wealth, it will do everything within its means to provide you with powerful tools that have been used to generate money in the FOREX market. Already, GMG has had a net positive impact on the lives of many FOREX traders and our goal is to vastly expand the number of successful traders by the year 2025.

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